1. Torri Alte & Torri Uliveto

Just opposite the Castle there is ancient building which was used in the past as granary and now converted in eight very confortable apartments. The swimming pool is 100 meters away. The 4 apartments Torri Alte just face the wall wich surrounds the Castle and its garden and the 16th century Church dedicated to Saint John. Here you can breathe the medieval atmosphere. The 4 apartments Totti Uliveto offer a pleasant view over the valley that can be enjoyed from the lawn scattered with old olive trees outside the apartments.

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2. Giardino & Voliere

In the last centuries there were many mulberry-trees which created a wealty production of silk and in the building Giardino, situated next to the castle garden, there was the silk factory. This building now hosts 5 apartments of wich 4 are on the ground/1° floor. One apartment is on ground floor only. The supervisor of the hunting, mushrooms and wild fruit picking used to live at Voliere. This little house, just 2 apartments, overlooks the valley and a splendid swimming pool.

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3. Casone

The stone work of the house named Casone can evoke 15th hundred century constructions: it was instead carefully built in 1999 using local stones. This house has a splendid view on the vineyards and olive groves and is also near the swimming pool. All the 4 apartments are on ground/first floor.

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4. Casino

Casino is a former country house now converted in 4 apartments. One apartment on the ground floor is the result of a new connection of an old warehouse to the existing house. In this apartment we have kept the old bread oven which once was situated in the open. Next to this house there was a small animal shelter which has been enlarged to become a 2 bedrooms apartment on ground/first floor. Few meters up the hill is the swimming pool.

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5. Vignacce

This large country house has the typical architecture of Tuscan houses with lovely arches. This house host apartments which are either on the ground/first/second floor. In the courtyard there is still old bread oven which can be used by the guests for grilling their meat or baking pizza. A table tennis is undes the arched terrace. Swimming pool and tennis court are 200 meters away from the house.

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6. Forcone & Forconcino

200 meters below the house called Vignacce there is Forcone which, together with Forconcino, hosts 5 apartments. These houses are situated just a few meters away from the swimming pool and the tennis court and they are overlooking the Castle and the valley. Old oak trees by the swimming pool replace the sunshades. You can sit by the pool and forget to live in the 21° Century. Everything is as it used to be hundreds years ago. Also at Forcone there is the old bread oven.

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7. Sanità

This is one of the largest house we have: it has twelve apartments situated either on the ground or first floor. Its name means "Healty Place". It is situated high up on the hill overlooking the Castle and the little lake down below with the woodland which surrounds the house and shelter it from the north wind. It has a swimming pool from which you can enjoy splendid sunsets. The old bread oven is also in this house to replace the more modern barbecue.

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8. Villa La Montagna

In one of the highest part of the property, there is the only one family villa we have: Montagna has 8 double bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, studio, sitting room and it's own private 10x20 meters swimming pool. Tho hectares of fenced lawn area and woodland surround the villa and the view from this house is astonishing.

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